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Our first documentary ‘My Dancing Eyes’ explores what it’s like to live with Nystagmus, a visual impairment that has an incident rate of one in 1000 births.

Using emerging forms of filmmaking backed by our technology first approach our participants weighed in about daily life living with the eye condition.

Our film reached a global audience and has received praise from influential voices in the Nystagmus community and local media.

“Congratulations on putting together such an information piece.” said Sue Rickets of the UK Nystagmus Network.

Our documentary also featured in the 2020 Nystagmus Open Day hosted by the UK Nystagmus Network.


My Dancing Eyes is available to watch for free on the following platforms:


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Melanie Padilla, Artist with Nystagmus

“My name is Melanie Padilla. I’m from California. I’m 23 years old and I have Nystagmus. I’d like you to know that “My Dancing Eyes” has helped not only my friends and family to have a better understanding of what’s it’s like to live with Nystagmus. It has also helped me grasp the fact that I’m not alone in this journey and that we are all a part of a community of people that in my belief aren’t impaired or challenged but on a much better note are blessed. Thank you for inspiring me and so many others. You single handedly (obviously with a great team) brought awareness upon a topic that is hardly understood or coped with. Thank you and God bless.”


I am in Tears, Thank you for making this documentary and educating the world on Nystagmus.

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This production would not have been possible without the generosity and expertise of:

  • Dylan Faulkner
  • Temara Heta
  • Sarah Potts
  • Steph Meyrick
  • Gabe Grace
  • Melissa Eastwell
  • Mitchell Catt
  • Hannah Hartley
  • Chris Davies
  • Justine Bessell
  • Hunter TAFE & Cert III Students

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